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The people at Credsnow

Who we are?

The company was founded in late 2023 by a group of event technology and credential management professionals with decades of experience. Our expertise is in tech-enabled services, and in developing, operating and enhancing cloud-based, mobile and local applications for corporate brands. 

We pioneered the adoption of NFC, UHF, QR codes, Facial recognition, Digital Wallets and various access management technologies in the world of ID badging. We built and managed teams that have serviced thousands of deployments. We have issued hundreds of thousands of credentials over the last 20 years and serviced thousands of clients. 

Why did we create CredsNow?

During our many years of servicing ID and Badging needs, we noticed that our clients liked our high-end credential issuance solutions but that they could never properly manage their single or small production runs. To make matters worse, the solutions that were being offered didn’t do justice to their brands. We created Credsnow to address and solve this challenge. 

What is our vision?

We want to be known as the premier go-to platform for high-end credential issuance in support of corporations' branding needs. We will deliver the latest state-of-the-art solutions designed to be totally integrated into existing corporate identification, ticketing and badging processes. We will make it our goal to consistently protect and enhance our clients' brands with outstanding physical and digital credentials.  

Most importantly, we want our solutions to be easy to use, priced fairly and supported by great customer service.
Passionate about design and credentials
"Credentials are the “last inch” representation of a corporate brand and should be treated with utmost attention and care. "

Our Core Values

  • We go the extra mile to help you get the job done right. 
  • We understand that time is of the essence. 

  • Quality output is part of our DNA. 

  • We love technology and will bring you the very latest. 

  • The world is our playground, and we will service you wherever you are. 

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