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How does our Service Work?

CredsNow is a Credentials as a Service (CaaS) platform where you can manage all your credentials and printing solutions in one place for your company, event, meeting, or staff.

  • Create a free account yourself to get started.

  • Design your own credentials with unlimited templates.

  • Add data to personalize your credentials.

  • Preview your end result in real-time.

  • Create a print job and submit your order.

  • Your job when submitted gets shipped next day.

Create your account and purchase a pre-paid plan to fund your account. We use a declining balance system. Reload when needed. 

1. Fund your Account
Fund Your Account

Our CaaS Platform makes creating credentials easy. Add the fields you need then enter the details or upload a spreadsheet.

2. Add your records
Add Your Records

Create your design using our easy to use web editor or let us create your requested design backed by years of badge experience.

3. Create your template
Create Your Design

No minimum batch size. Order the badges and ID cards only when needed. Order as many jobs as you want.. Designed to fit your needs and volume.

4. Submit your order
Submit Your Order

Submit your first order in minutes

We focus on the basics needed to handle creating credentials. In a matter of minutes once you fund your account you can be submitting your first order. Create a list then add your records - Design your template - Preview and submit your print job. Your order is shipped.

Why it's easy

to use


No Restrictions - No Minimum Order

Get the badges and ID cards you need. You hire employees one-at-a-time, you run events of various sizes, so it doesn’t make sense to have a system which has a minimum batch size. 

We don't 'nickel and dime.' Simplicity in ordering

At CredsNow we don’t nickel and dime you: as part of your software transaction cost you can pick our two sided credit card size or one sided large format cards, with or without notches, at no extra cost*.


Our in-house development team is available to provide options for any integration. Whether you data is coming from an HR software platform, cloud-based event registration system, or CRM. 

Ordering is Easy

Our system was developed with small production runs in mind (which is why we use a declining balance system of accounting). This has benefits for both small businesses, and multi-site corporations.

Get your ID cards, badges, and passes now!

It all comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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