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We offer two sizes: Credit Card size (CR80) and Large Format (3.5"x5.5"). The cards are made of high quality PVC plastic, This ensures cards will last longer and using PVC plastic makes them durable and very hard to damage.

The cards can be printed as one-sided or two-sided and with hole punched if selected.

card size and measurements

Badge and Card Specifications

Credit Card size (CR80) 2.125" x 3.375" are 30mil thickness and printed using thermal re-transfer printing technology where the card image is first printed on a thin film then affixed to the card using pressure and heat transfer. This technology is ideal for true edge-to-edge and printing on uneven surfaces like access control cards. ISO Standard

Large Format size 3.5" x 5.5" cards are 24mil thickness and printed using direct to card - dye diffusion printing technology. where the dye on the ribbon is printed directly on the surface of the card through the thermal printhead. This printing technology offers photo quality images and edge-to-edge printing. The Large Format cards are ideal for event passes, sports, festivals, meetings, and compelling guest experiences.

High Quality Event Badges

Event Badges Event play a pivotal role far beyond serving as mere identification cards; they are a critical component in the tapestry of event management and brand experience. These badges facilitate interactions among attendees, enabling easier networking and engagement by clearly displaying names, titles, and affiliations. Crafted thoughtfully, event badges become powerful tools for reinforcing brand presence and loyalty among participants. They carry the event's brand colors, logo, and thematic elements, transforming each attendee into a walking embodiment of the event and brands identity. In essence, event badges encapsulate the essence of the event's identity, making them indispensable tools for branding and marketing, enhancing the overall event experience while simultaneously amplifying brand visibility.

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